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Spicy Vegan Veggie Wrap

Definitely one of the greatest and filling wraps out there! Filled with all the veggies you all love to make the most delicious wrap in the game. 


Spicy Veggie Wrap

2 cups of spinach

1 avocado

1 handful of broccoli slaw

1 handful of carrot chips

4 tbsp of hummus

1/2 lime to squeeze as lime juice.


1. Squeeze lime on top of Spicy Wrap and spread juice around on the wrap to moisten and make the product more pliable. 

2. Spread hummus around wrap.

3. Place down spinach, broccoli slaw, and carrot chips. 

4. Mash avocado and place on top of the dry vegetables.

5. Squeeze lime juice on top, wrap up and enjoy!