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Welcome to, our official, online store filled with 100% healthy raw wraps , gluten-free pizza crusts and healthy snacks made in our organic kitchen! Should you need any assistance, have any questions about our company or our products, please visit our contact page and we will assist you! Thank you for stopping by and bringing WrawP wraps and pizza crusts into your life! Happy WrawPing!

The WrawP Story

Who we are

WrawP is a Los Angeles based company that crafts and distributes 100% organic veggie and coconut wraps (flat-breads) and 100% organic pizza crusts. Our products are gluten-free, wheat-free, NON GMO, not processed and come in a variety of 100% organic flavors! Our wraps and pizza crusts are available for purchase online, in stores world-wide, and are used in cafes and restaurants. We invite you to taste the WrawP flavor and "WrawP" your body with love!

100% Organic Ingredients

All of our ingredients are 100% organic certified and are supplied by farms throughout the USA.

Super-Food Spices

After our organic main ingredients are ground, we then mix in only 100% organic super-food spices for a variety of savory and sweet flavors to choose from.

More than just a "wrap"

We invite you to "think outside the wrap" like many of our WrawP Lovers, and create unique dishes (cold or hot)! For example these Vegan, Banana Creme Crepes! So Yum!

Community: Giving Back!

WrawPing our communities with love is our mission! We give back to organizations every year! Currently every online purchase made, we are donating $1 to support breast cancer research and Susan G Komen Foundation - LA!

Whole Sale / Food Service Orders

Want to include WrawPs in your store or cafe/restaurant?

WrawP wraps and pizza crusts can be found in more than 1200 (and counting) retail stores around the world and are used by food service industry folks to prepare and serve healthy dishes! If you are interested in carrying WrawP wraps or Pizza crusts in your store, or food service business, contact us today.

Special Wholesale & Food Service Pricing

Contact us for our wholesale and food-service pricing.

100% Organic Certified

Our packaging provides all the must have nutritional information customers are seeking!

Reccuring Orders

Many of our retail stores and food-service customers schedule recurring weekly orders! We can work with you to set up recurring orders so you always have WrawP wraps and pizza crusts in stock.

Order Today!

(909) 447-1800 or send an email to

Meet the WrawP Team

A small team, doing 100% big, organic, "wrawp" things!

Here at WrawP we are incredibly grateful to our employees who are committed to ensuring WrawPs are made with 100% organic ingredients and love! Should you ever need to reach any one of us simply contact us through our website, or DM us through our social media channels listed below! Happy WrawPing!

Elena Semenova


Kraig Dooman


Bioncia Martin

Operations Manager

Anastasiia Lewis

Production Manager

Vadim Kan


Iris Medina


Daniel Bauer

Marketing & Brand Partnerships

Deal of the Day

Now 10% additional off our 28% off every day discount! Imperfect Coco Nori Original Coconut Wraps!

That's an additional 10% of our already 28% off every day price! These will go fast so order them today. Some times our wraps do not pass the "perfection" test, as they may have tears, holes, or slight discoloration. We do not waste food at WrawP, so we offer these imperfect items at a discounted rate!

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