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about us

Elena Semenova,
WrawP CEO & Founder

When people ask about how WrawP Foods came to be, you can thank no other than the creator, Elena Semenova. She created a product purely out of necessity once she determined that what was already on the market was not good enough for her and her loved ones. As a child, Elena was surrounded by beautiful farmland, covered with organic vegetables that were readily available, and on the dinner table every night. But once she made the move to Los Angeles, she saw that it was nearly impossible to maintain her diet.

So, she started studying and experimenting endlessly with different raw ingredients and superfood spices. What was born, was not only good enough for her and her loved one, but perfect enough to share with you.

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what is wrawp?

The idea behind Wrawp is that it's a nutritionally rich, healthy alternative to bread. From childhood, bread has been a staple in our diet. We give it to our kids as a sandwich for school or a quick snack, and we all grew up thinking that a table without bread is missing something. But over the years, as the ingredients in the bread we all enjoyed has gotten worse, they have started to seriously effect our health. We at WrawP don't want to change peoples eating habits but we want to give people an alternative, that tastes great, they can enjoy and feel good about themselves.

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You can enjoy our healthy products without weighing down your body with grains and carbs and all of the other stuff that traditional bread does to your beloved body. Since we dehydrate our gluten free wraps and pizza crust, all of the nutrition, enzymes and every bit of flavor of the fruits, vegetables, and seasoning are still there to love and benefit your body. All of the vitamins, minerals, and ayurvedic spices packed into one sheet of our wraps and pizzas will help you to build your strong immune system. Our products hold some tools to help strengthen your immune system overall. The one thing that makes us so different and unique is that our wraps have great flavors, you can actually taste what you are eating. You will enjoy our TASTY and VERY PLIABLE gluten free wraps and pizzas.


Our gluten free wraps are not just for vegans and vegetarians, oh no! We are for everyone. Whether you're a person who is on a raw or paleo diet, trying to lose weight, or someone who enjoys burgers and fries, our product is perfect for you. Our healthy wraps and pizza crust go great with any filling - from simple greens and veggies to turkey breast or cold cuts. The beauty of gluten free wraps is that you can make it your own creation because WrawP products are so versatile. Our products are 100% organic and healthy for you in every way! We are 100% vegan, raw, gluten free and organic, low in fat, high in fiber, and so much more! Our company motto is "Love Your Body" and we have made products that follow through on that promise. Check out our suggested gluten free wrap recipes section of our website to gather some ideas of what you can make.


WrawP products are perfect for hiking, picnics, school or work lunches, as an airplane snack, eating on the go, or at home. It's tasty by itself, as well as in a wrap. You can do a healthy and low carb pizza, panini or sweet cake with it! Our products are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking! Our gluten-free wraps and pizzas are a great source of the daily vegetables and fruits your young ones need. Even if your kids do not like veggies - they will like our wraps and pizzas. Using only fresh vegetables and fruits, we’ve created a selection of great-tasting alternatives for bread and traditional pizza. It’s an easy and creative way of preparing healthy lunch for work or school. Our delicious, healthy wraps and pizzas are ideal for Paleo Diet or Gluten-free diet plans. Shelf life 12 months, no refrigeration is needed. MADE IN THE USA.


More and more people in the U.S. are thinking about their health. Because of this, fast food has taken a back seat in recent years. Healthy food has grown more and more popular. In the U.S. more than 80% of products produced come from genetically altered ingredients. However, nature is not fooled there are consequences from these alterations. One of these consequences - intolerance to gluten.

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