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Brand New!! Plant-based, Gluten-free, Vegan, Organic, Scrumptious Healthy Snacks!!

Get ready to fuel your body with our newest WrawP Foods Collection: WrawP Snacks! Our Kelp Seaweed Chips are packed with 11 Grams of Protein!! And our Coconut Jerky are bursting with flavor and low on carbs! Try them today!

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How we make our wraps & pizza crusts


Our 100% Organic Veggie wraps, Coconut wraps, and Pizza Crusts are made with 100% real fruits, vegetables and super-food spices. We do not process any of our products! All ingredients are ground, then mixed together, and dehydrated to craft the perfect, healthy wrap or pizza crust for you to enjoy! This is how we make our 100% organic coconut wraps!

Organic Coconut Wraps, Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Vegan,
Young Organic Thai Coconuts

We use 100% Certified Organic Young Coconut Meat, which is ground (not processed)!

Psyllium husk

After we grind the coconut meat, we add 100% certified organic psyllium husk which is a a dietary fiber that regulates digestion, and can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Variety of 100% Organic Flavors

Our coconut wraps come in 4 amazing flavors! Our Original Coco Nori Coconut Wrap is made with just coconut and psyllium husk. We also have spirulina, strawberry and curry organic flavors that you will love!

So many ways to enjoy our wraps!

Our wraps can be enjoyed right out of the package. However, feel free to bake, pan fry or use them to create amazing dishes beyond the traditional wrap! For example these coco nori original wraps quesadilla: Butter Spray or Coconut oil 2 Coco Nori Original Coconut Wraps, 1 Ripe Advocado (Cut in 0.50in pieces), 1/3 c Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder. Then coat pan with non-stick spray or coconut oil. Heat pan over medium heat. Place one wrap on the pan and add the cheese, avocado, and seasonings. Once cheese is melted add the second wrap on top and flip. Toasted until golden brown. Approx 2 mins. -ENJOY!

Our History

What is WrawP?

When people ask about how WrawP Foods came to be, you can thank no other than the creator, Elena Semenova. As a child, Elena was surrounded by beautiful farmland, covered with organic vegetables that were readily available, and on the dinner table every night. But once she made the move to Los Angeles, she saw that it was nearly impossible to maintain her diet. After not being satisfied with the products on the market, she decided to create something to help people who were in the same situation out of necessity. So, she started studying and experimenting endlessly with different raw ingredients and super-food spices. Kraig Dooman quickly jumped on this organic train after tasting Elena’s creation at a farmer's market and after six months of perfecting and testing the perfect wrap, WrawP opened it's doors 2012! As a company, our goal is to grow as a multi-national brand and offer healthy and unprocessed food to everyone. We are determined to show healthier alternatives for people to enjoy at a reasonable cost. We ultimately want to reach out to all people who care about their health and their body. One of our mottos at WrawP is to “Love Your Body” and we hope to encourage consumers to love their bodies through both physical and mental wellness. With providing an assortment of products including healthy raw low-carb wraps as well as gluten free pizza crusts and coconut wraps, we hope to provide the means for our customers to live a healthy lifestyle using real foods that meet their essential needs.

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WrawP Founder began her quest to craft the perfect, 100% organic veggie wrap!


WrawP officially opened it's doors and began selling 100% organic veggie wraps.


1 Million wraps sold!


WrawP introduced their 100% organic pizza crusts.


WrawP introduced their 100% organic, Coco Nori Coconut Wraps.


More than 3 Million wraps and pizza crusts sold world-wide!


WrawP launches their "WrawP Your Community With Love" initiative, donating a portion of online sales to non-profits.

WrawP "Eating Healthy" Blog

Latest Tips and Recipes

No matter where you are in your journey to discover ways to eating healthier, WrawP is a judgement free brand that is dedicated to cheering on everyone (and anyone) who seeks to enjoy healthier foods in their diet! Our blog aims to provide insight on healthy eating trends, healthy recipes and more.


What Our Customer Saying?

We are grateful to all our WrawP Lovers all over the world, who rave about our 100% organic veggie and coconut wraps and pizza crusts!

I’ve been enjoying Wrawp products ever since I went fully raw vegan over 2 years ago. My favorites are the coconut wraps and pizza crusts. They make being raw so easy and enjoyable. Saves me so much time too! Simply top your crust and fill your wrap however you wish and you’re good to go. The possibilities are truly endless.

Mei A.

Blogger: IG: @rawveganrecipeshare

Spicy Wrawps: The subtle spiciness and flexibility of these wrawps makes these my absolute favorite! It goes perfectly with some avocado, black beans, quinoa and salsa for making Classic gluten-free burritos. AND their Veggie Life Wrawps: The aftertaste of these wrawps are by far my favorite, it just makes me want to eat more! I love how easy they are to roll and wrap. It makes corn tortillas obsolete when it comes to gluten-free options.

Pat G.

Blogger: IG @the.brotha.that.cooks

When I first went raw vegan fruitarian, I naturally started to get a bit bored with my food. I wanted more options besides the usual salad and fruit meals. Thanks to Rob Wild, my raw life has been forever changed! He started showing off these Wrawp wraps and that’s when the drooling began. I didn’t know anything about dehydrated seed wraps not to mention- pizza crusts?! I had no clue we could even eat this way on this lifestyle. I was definitely amazed and ready to jump right in! Its been well over a year now that Wrawp has been in my life and as a personal rule of thumb, I must always have Wrawp on hand. I never let myself run out, they're that good!!!

Jamie D.

Blogger: IG @jamiesfruitfullife