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Coco Nori Curry Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Making morning easier one wrap at a time! Getting that savory kick of curry to start the day with our amazing coconut wrap Coco Nori Curry wrap.


Coco Nori Curry Wrap

1/2 cup of soft tofu

3 cups of spinach

1/4 of soy chorizo

Dash of Turmeric 

Dash of Cumin 

1 tsp. of sriracha


1. Cook spinach in pot over stove. 

2. Once cooked, move spinach to one side of the pan and add tofu. 

3. Use utensil to cut tofu into a scramble consistency. 

4. Add Soy Chorizo

5. Add turmeric over tofu

6. Once completed cooked, mix all three ingredients together and add dash of cumin. 

7. Let hot ingredients cool then add in the middle of Coco Nori Curry wrap

8. Add Sriracha over wrap, wrap up and enjoy!

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