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MOST POPULAR DIETS: 5 Best Weight Loss Diets 2019

1. Keto diet

Keto diet is being extremely popular lately. Let's learn what "keto" diet is. All is very easy: you eat very little carbohydrates, and way more fat (LCHF), and it last for a not a long period of time. This diet provides a very good rate of losing extra weight. The scheme of your nutrition looks like this: carbohydrates - 5-10%, 20-25% protein, 70-75% fat.

You are obviously questioning the effectiveness of this diet, and you would like to understand how consumption of products which contain high percentage of fat will help you lose the fat from your body. The explanation of this diet efficiency is very easy: when you body stops burning carbs (glucose) and starts to burn fat (so called ketones), this process is called ketosis. For your body to process the carbs it generates insulin. And insulin is in charge of that the fat cells are being stocked instead of being used as fuel for energy by entering the liver. The minute you start consuming low carb products, the level of insulin lowers, and you are entering ketosis. And ketosis helps fat cells free water which was stored there and it being used as energy.

2. The Paleo Diet

 The main rule of the Paleo diet is to consume food which our ancestors were eating by hunting for it and growing it in the field. Those who use this diet say that it is minimizing chronic diseases risk (as it's considered that our forefathers did have any of the illnesses that we have been facing lately) and it also influences on weight loss.

Meat, seafood, veggies, fruits with low-sugar index, almost all types of nuts and healthy oils are the product which you eat when on a Paleo diet. But it does not allow consume dairy, potatoes, peanuts, grains, legumes, sugars, vegetable / hydrogenated oils, and all processed foods.

Most people who are using Paleo diet have noticed that the level of their energy and metabolism levels have grown. Also they have received weight loss and improvement of body composition in general (fat, bone, water and muscle percentage).

3. The Whole30 Diet

This diet was created as 30-day reset of clean eating. The main idea is that people consider certain products healthy, such as beans or grains. And what you do while you on the whole30 diet is you eleminate these groups of products for a certain period of time and then you examine how you feel. After 30 days are over, you are just starting adding these food groups back to your daily life little by little in order to check which of them were causing you weight gain.

This diet has lots in common with the Paleo diet, but the major period is the period of the diet. For one month you are not eating certain products, in order for your body to "reload" and start "acting" differently.

The main rule in Whole30 that you are consuming products which are "whole", which means you are eating them as close to the original taste and way as possible. So no complicated recipes, just go as plain as you can while eating.

4. Vegetarian diet (and The Vegan Diet)


The name of the diet speaks for itself: no food which is the product of the animal (no meat, no milk, no honey, etc.)

You are allowed to eat whole grains, veggies, fruits and not to forget about protein (legumes and seeds). No soda, french fries or donuts are permitted. If you think about it, all the diets mainly have the same principal which can be applied to this diet as well. The task is to consume parotein, carbs and healthy fat by having a wide variety of nutrient-dense whole food. But also a very important point is not to forget to add vitamins to your ration, such as vitamins B12 and D. And one more very important tip as a vegan you will need to eat more to fill yourself up. (isn't that great news that you will need to eat more!)

Both vegetarian and vegan diets have quite obvious rules: no animal protein in general, but there is only one very clear difference. Vegetarians are not eating only meat and seafood, on the other side vegans are also excluding animal products like eggs, dairy, and even honey, so it's only plant-food only! 

5. The Raw Food Diet

This diet is basically a variation of vegan diet, but with one more restriction added to the list: no food should be cooked at the temperature over 115 degrees. The vegans who are using this diet consider that all the plant foods should be eaten raw, as most of the natural enzymes are destroyed after thermal conditioning.

They say that the diet can't be considered healthy unless you feel healthy and strong following it. So following any of these diets is a perfect variant for a person if he/she feels better not eating meat and dairy on the daily basis. If you want to go for raw veganism try it out first, if your body tells you:" I love it" keep going, just don't forget that the variety of foods have to be very wide.

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