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Savory Wraps

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Savory Wrawps are the perfect snack for anyone who cares about their health and wants to enjoy something delicious! Our Wrawps include a wide range of flavors to satisfy every taste. They are made from delectable, organic products, such as; organic apples, organic onions, organic flax seeds, organic coconut, organic oregano, and so much more. Choose the delicious paleo wraps you want from one of our many flavors. Once you try, you're bound to be hooked! Made from whole organic, super food ingredients. Wraps are paleo, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, nut free, egg free, preservative free, vegan, and all natural. 

100% Healthy Foods!

Wrаwps are organic, delicious, and healthy addition to any meal. Buy WrawPs and take them with you to work or to school. You can rest assured that our wraps do not contain gluten, and are only manufactured from top quality fruits & vegetables. They can be stored without refrigeration up to 12 months.


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