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Coconut Wraps

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   Fruits and vegetables are great! But you know what’s also awesome? Coconuts! That’s why we are introducing our Coco Nori line of coconut wraps! We still have all the qualities that you already know and love. Our gluten free, organic, nut free, soy free, preservative free wraps are still made with you in mind!

   Our coconut wrawps are made from only young fresh Thailand coconuts. Using this ingredient as the base of our wraps means they are less oily than usual coconut wraps along with having an overall better taste and texture. Coconuts are essential for healthy living as they kill harmful bacteria in your body because they are anti viral, anti fungal, and antibacterial. These coconuts are also abundant of amino acids, vitamins, fibers, and tons of calcium giving you the nutrients to get through your day and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Having coconut wraps not only open up a new realm of flavors but offer so many opportunities of creation.

   Our coconut wraps act as a blank canvas to create new combination of flavors whether it’s sweet or savory. Want a dessert? Fill this wrap with your favorite fruit and fruit spread to create a sweet tooth dream. Mix this coconut wrap with savory flavors like different proteins and vegetables to meals, workout meals, or snacks on the go. Not only are we stopping at the coconut wraps, we are adding additionally flavors like curry and strawberry! Perfect ingredient help contribute toward a healthy heart and bones! These wraps are great to be made into a taco, sushi, thai wrap, dessert or just the original sandwich wrap!

   Not only can you get this wrap in the original sizing, you can get this wrap at a discounted rate in imperfect, bulk and imperfect bulk! Get your coconut wrawp today and get wrawping!

Available in three flavors:


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