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Tips on using WrawP



1. If kept below 70°F WrawP tends to get hard. To soften, keep WrawP  at room temperature (72°F or above) for at least 30 min. To speed up the process, you can put your WrawP on a hot pan for a couple of seconds.

2. If the WrawP feels a bit dry or difficult to roll, drizzle some water on top. WrawP will absorb the moisture and become soft. Let the moisture sit for a minute or so and the wrawp will become more pliable. Do not use too much water as a little goes a long way!

4. WrawP Pizza Crusts are made hard on purpose as they are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Using moist ingredients as a spread or using lemon/lime juice or water to moisten, will help soften pizza crust. Heating in the oven for 350 degrees Fahrenheit will soften product as well. 

5. Coconut wraps are light and very versatile.Working with dry ingredients and being cautious of moist ingredient will best support the wrap and keep it together.

6. Unused gluten free wraps packages should always be zipped to prevent over-drying or absorbing extra moisture from the environment.

Our 4 savory flavors are: OriginalSpirulinaSpicy, and Veggie Life.Their texture allows them to be flexible and pliable so they are great for wraps, pizza crust, or any creation you come up with!

Broccoli Raab Organic Pizza Crust Flatbread

Grab our Original Wrawp Organic Pizza Crust pack and a jar of your favorite tomato sauce to make an easy and healthy pizza that gets gourmet flare from broccoli raab. You’ve never had such a high-end-style dish in just 30 minutes with four easy steps.Serving size: 6 servingsPrep Time: 30 min or lessTotal time: 30 minFor Broccoli Raab Organic Pizza Crust Flatbread you’ll need the following [...]

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Curried Chicken Apple Organic Gluten Free Wraps

This is a perfect recipe for lunch for two. Curried chicken combines with green apple and our Original Wrawp Organic Gluten Free Wraps creating a delightful juicy meal that you can enjoy with a nice company.Serving size: 2 servingsPrep Time: 20 minTotal time: 20 min (plus marinating time)For Curried Chicken Apple Organic Gluten Free Wraps with Collard Greens [...]

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Video - Almond Butter Banana WrawP

This is a WrawP fantastic meal idea for your kids! lunch or breakfast on the run. 

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Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito. Simple Southwest tofu scramble breakfast idea with Healthy Wraps. What you'll need: Tofu scrambleSalsaVegan cheeseOur Original Organic Gluten-free WrapCut WrawP in half, resulting in 2 sheets. Spread salsa on WrawP to cover. Cook tofu scramble then add to gluten free wrap. Layer cheese on top of the tofu. Wrap it up and enjoy!

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Bell Pepper Gluten Free Wrap Recipe

Want to keep it simple and quick? Try this easy recipe for those days when you're on the go!What you will need: Any flavored WrawP Veggie WrapRed bell pepper hummus (any hummus will work)Spring mixRed Bell PeppersTomatoAvocado Cut veggie wrap in half to result in 2 wraps. Spread hummus on wrap, add spring mix, sliced bell peppers, tomato and [...]

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Easy wrap for lunch with tomato and hummus

Ingredients:1 Savory Wrawp of your choice3 tablespoons Hummus1/2 Tomato1/3 Avocado1 cup Sunflower SproutsInstruction:Spread hummus on the WrawP. Place sliced  tomato, avocado, sunflower sprouts in WrawP and wrap it up. You can add any protein you like to it. Enjoy your delicious and healthy gluten free wraps.

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Healthy morning breakfast wrap

Ingredients:1 Original WrawP or any of the savory WrawPs1 cup walnuts1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes1/4 sweet onion2 Dates1 clove Garlic1/2 cup of WaterSalt to taste2 Carrot1 Cucumber3 cup of Spring Mix1 Yellow PepperInstruction:Paste: Process Walnuts, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Onion, Dates, Garlic, Water and Salt in food processor or blender. Blend it until it is a paste like consistency.Spread the [...]

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Green Spirulina and Avocado Wrap

Ingredients:1 Spirulina WrawP or any of the savory Wraps1/2 Carrot,3 cups of Mix Greens,1/3 Avocado,1/2 cooked Beet,2 cup of Sunflower sprouts,1 cup of ParsleyInstruction:Spread avocado on the wrap. Slice vegetables into strips. Place all the ingredients inside the Spirulina Wrap and wrap it up! Enjoy your delicious and healthy wrap))

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