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Video - Veggie Hummus WrawP

Veggie Hummus WrawP video recipe. This easy wrap recipe is as good for dinner and lunch, or even breakfast. 100% Paleo and Gluten-free friendly wraps!

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Video - Almond Butter Banana WrawP

This is a WrawP fantastic meal idea for your kids! lunch or breakfast on the run. 

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Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito. Simple Southwest tofu scramble breakfast idea with Healthy Wraps. What you'll need: Tofu scrambleSalsaVegan cheeseOur Original Organic Gluten-free WrapCut WrawP in half, resulting in 2 sheets. Spread salsa on WrawP to cover. Cook tofu scramble then add to gluten free wrap. Layer cheese on top of the tofu. Wrap it up and enjoy!

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Bell Pepper Gluten Free Wrap Recipe

Want to keep it simple and quick? Try this easy recipe for those days when you're on the go!What you will need: Any flavored WrawP Veggie WrapRed bell pepper hummus (any hummus will work)Spring mixRed Bell PeppersTomatoAvocado Cut veggie wrap in half to result in 2 wraps. Spread hummus on wrap, add spring mix, sliced bell peppers, tomato and [...]

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Bean Burrito Gluten Free Wraps

Want a burrito without all the carbs and flour? WrawP is a perfect alternative to tortillas! What you will need:Spicy WrawPAny kind of beans (kidney beans were used in image above)OnionsBell peppersTofuOlivesGuacamoleSalsaLettuceCut gluten free Wrap in half to get two tortillas. Drain tofu and cut into cubes. Season tofu to your liking and cook. Blend beans in a [...]

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Hummus veggie Wraps

Hummus veggie wrapWhat you will need:Spirulina WrawpHummusSpring mixTomatoCarrotHemp seedsCut spirulina WrawP in half to make 2 gluten free wraps. Spread hummus on WrawP and layer spring mix, tomato and carrot shreds. Sprinkle hemp seeds on top the wrap and enjoy!

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Garlic veggie wrawp

This great recipe with WrawP is perfect for garlic lovers!What you will need:Original WrawPToum (Lebanese garlic spread) BroccoliTomatoOlivesCut WrawP in half to make two gluten free wraps. Spread Toum on WrawP's and add veggies. Wrap and enjoy!

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Broke Hungry Vegan's banana raw WrawP

This is a very simple, delicious WrawP recipe  that is perfect for breakfast or dessert in a hurry!What you will need: Energizing Morning or ChiaRawBerri WrawPAlmond butterFrozen or not frozen bananaHemp SeedsAgaveCut WrawP in half to make two wraps. Spread almond butter on WrawP and add banana. If you are using frozen bananas, blend in food processor first to [...]

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Easy wrap for lunch with tomato and hummus

Ingredients:1 Savory Wrawp of your choice3 tablespoons Hummus1/2 Tomato1/3 Avocado1 cup Sunflower SproutsInstruction:Spread hummus on the WrawP. Place sliced  tomato, avocado, sunflower sprouts in WrawP and wrap it up. You can add any protein you like to it. Enjoy your delicious and healthy gluten free wraps.

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