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Broke Hungry Vegan's banana raw WrawP

This is a very simple, delicious WrawP recipe  that is perfect for breakfast or dessert in a hurry!What you will need:Energizing Morning or ChiaRawBerri WrawPAlmond butterFrozen or not frozen bananaHemp SeedsAgaveCut WrawP in half to make two wraps. Spread almond butter on WrawP and add banana. If you are using frozen bananas, blend in food processor first to [...]

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Morning wrap

Ingredients:1 Original WrawP or any of the savory WrawPs1 cup walnuts1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes1/4 sweet onion2 Dates1 clove Garlic1/2 cup of WaterSalt to taste2 Carrot1 Cucumber3 cup of Spring Mix1 Yellow PepperInstruction:Paste: Process Walnuts, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Onion, Dates, Garlic, Water and Salt in food processor or blender. Blend it until it is a paste like consistency.Spread the [...]

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Easy wrap for lunch with tomato and hummus

Ingredients:1 Smokey Heaven WrawP or any of the savory WrawPs3 tablespoons Hummus1/2 Tomato1/3 Avocado1 cup Sunflower SproutsInstruction:Spread hummus on the WrawP. Place sliced  tomato, avocado, sunflower sprouts in WrawP and wrap it up. You can add any protein you like to it. Enjoy your delicious and healthy gluten free wraps.

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Green Spirulina and Avocado Wrap

Ingredients:1 Spirulina WrawP or any of the savory Wraps1/2 Carrot,3 cups of Mix Greens,1/3 Avocado,1/2 cooked Beet,2 cup of Sunflower sprouts,1 cup of ParsleyInstruction:Spread avocado on the wrap. Slice vegetables into strips. Place all the ingredients inside the Spirulina Wrap and wrap it up! Enjoy your delicious and healthy wrap))

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Salad by RawVeganLiving

   WrawP Salad  Veggie Sprout WrawP SaladThis salad is oil-free, low-fat, delicious, super easy, quick, and simple to make. 1 cup organic spinach, chopped into pieces1 heaping handful of parsley and cilantro, sliced and diced into pieces1 tomato, sliced or chopped as you like4 organic olives, pitted 1/2 of a large-sized cucumber 9 or 1 whole small or [...]

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Raw Wraps Sweet Rolls

Ingredients:3 Energy Morning gluten free wraps1 cup of Raw Cashew1 whole Vanila Bean3 cups of Raspberry1 cup of Fresh Mint Leaves2 cup of Coconut Nectar or Honey 2 cups of Water1 Green Apple2 cups of Papaya2 Kiwi1 MangoInstructions:Cashew Cream - blend in Vitamix Cashew, 1 cup of Coconut Nectar or Agave, Water, Vanila Bean till smooth, creamy [...]

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Salad with Raw Wraps Chips

Ingredients:Smokey WrawP or any other Savory WrawPArugulaMix GreensCherry TomatoAvocadoBell pepperCucumberRaw CornOnionLime Olive OilTurmericSaltInstruction:Cut gluten free wraps on small strips, seasoning it with Olive oil, Salt, Dry Parsley, Garlic Powder. Put in to the dehydrator for 3 hours till its crispy. Wash and cut all the vegetables in to the bowl. Use Lime and Olive oil as the dressing. Put [...]

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Raw Layer Cake WrawP

Ingredients:2 Energy Morning WrawP's2 cups Raw Cashew1 whole Vanilla Bean2 cup Water1/2 cup Agave 1/2 cup Blueberry1/2 cup Raspberry1/2 cup Blackberry1 BananaInstructions:To make the cashew cream - put Cashews, Vanilla Bean, Water, and Agave in a Vitamix and blend it to a very smooth, creamy texture. Cut Energizing Morning WrawP into smaller square pieces.  Apply Cashew Cream [...]

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Raw Morning Boost WrawP

Ingredients:1 Energy Morning WrawP or any of the sweet WrawPs1 cup of Raw Peanut butter1 Banana1 cup Strawberry1 cup Raspberryor any other fruits which you like.Instruction:Spread Peanut Butter on the Wrawp, smash Banana in to the paste, spread it.  Place the rest of the fruit on top and Wrap it up. Enjoy!  

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Raw Wraps With Pesto

This is a recipe from our demos that is very popular with our fans!2 Big Raw Pesto WrawPs!Ingredients:2 sheets of savory WrawP (Original, Spirulina, Spicy, Smokey or Asian),8 cups of Mixed Greens,1 Tomato,1 Persian Cucumber,1 Avocado,2 cups of pre-cutted Pumpkin,100g Brazilian Nuts or Walnuts,1 cup of fresh Basil Leaves,1/2 clove of Garlic,1/4 of small Onion,1/2 cup of [...]

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