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Pizza Crust

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pizza-slice-new.jpg   Who said pizza crusts can’t be healthy? Our raw, gluten free vegan pizza crusts prove that wrong! Our pizza crusts are made with your favorite fruit, vegetables and seeds to provide that texture and taste of your favorite crusts.

  Our delicious ingredients not only include apples, zucchini like our wraps but include more nutritious ingredients like carrots, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat to vary some flavor and benefits. Our pizza crusts are nut free, soy free, preservative fruit, organic and no sugar added to continue all the benefits you love of our regular wrawps.


dsc-0742.jpg   Offering three different flavors of tomato, spirulina and original pizza crust, we have something for everything. Not only are these pizzas limited for vegetables but also fruit! You can mix up all types of combinations for different uses.     

  Our original pizza crusts can be used as a fruit pizza with different fruit and fruit spread or be used with vegetables. Make your meal super healthy with our super food spirulina pizza crust with vegetables to give you all the greens and B12 to get your energy going. Want to keep it classic? Our tomato pizza crust is perfect to just work with the traditional recipe and explore different variations!


   Our pizza crusts are 8 inches in diameter which work perfectly for individual pizzas! Make individual pizzas with your friends, family member or make it for yourself to treat yourself after a long week! Our delicious crusts are great to continue eating the food you love but also loving your body and giving it the vitamins and nutrients it desires and needs.

   Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, our pizza crusts are versatile to use in any meal with a variety of combinations for whichever diet you’re pursing. Vegan, keto, paleo, or just healthy eating, we got you covered!


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