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What are WrawPs?

   WrawPs are raw, vegan, organic, gluten free wraps that are made from fruits, vegetables and different spices. We pride ourselves on making a product that doesn’t include any added sugar or any GMO products. These low-cal, diabetic friendly and paleo diet food is perfect for those trying to purse a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re on the keto diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, or you eat whatever you want, we have a wrawp for you! Our products can be used for any meal of the day (including dessert!) with your family, friends, or on the go at work or school. Another great snack for before or after the gym as well instead of opting for other granola bars or energy snack, all the energy you need is in a wrawp!

A Healthy lifestyle with wraps

   Whether you are trying to your get your children to eat more vegetables, or get yourself to eat more vegetables, our products are not processed and completely made with fruits and vegetables in a tasty and delicious way. We have a wrawp to serve a different purpose and made for you! On the keto diet and want to lower your fruit intake? Our Veggie Life Wrap is made with only vegetables! Making it tasty and full of greens. Want some help with weight loss? Not only is our Spicy Wrap made with fruit and vegetables, but contains jalapenos and cayenne that boost metabolism and weight loss! On the vegan diet and looking for some help with protein and B12? Our Spirulina Wraps have an abundance of protein and B12 to help you with your vitamin levels! Looking for a good breakfast treat or something for dessert that’s also healthy? Our Energizing Morning WrawP is sweet to the core! Being made with cinnamon and raisins, its perfect to wake you up while still indulging our your sweet tooth! Want something savory and sweet? Our coconut wraps CocoNori are great for going sweet and adding fruit or savory and adding vegetabes and protein. The options are endless! Now get wrawping!

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