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Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Our website will give you live rates based on how much you order.

How fast is your shipping?

It depends on the service you choose! But it can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to arrive after it leaves our facility.

When will my order ship?

If your order is placed by 12pm PST it will ship the same day. If you place an order over the weekend or a holiday, your order will ship the upcoming business day.

How much is shipping?

Well that depends on how much you order and where it’s going. If you order $50 or more shipping is automatically free. Any orders under $50, the website will give you live rates from different services for you to choose from.

How does the product ship?

Does it need to ship frozen? No, our product is shelf stable and ships as is. Nothing extra is needed.


Where can I find your product?

We are sold nation and worldwide, so please refer to our store locator to find the location nearest you. And you can buy wraps online anytime

What can I do if you’re not in my local store?

Please let the store management know that you want our product sold there! Stores are more willing to bring in new products when they know there is a customer demand for it.


Do your products follow the Paelo diet? SCD friendly?

Our Wrawps do but our pizzas do not, because they contain buckweat.

Are you Organic?

Yes, 100% organic wraps and pizza crust and we are certified!


The product seems a bit hard/stiff, is this normal?

Yes it is, but the product will absorb moisture from the ingredients, or just give it a nice spray of water and it will become flexible!

Can I freeze them?

While we don't recommend that you freeze them, as it can ruin the texture, you can refrigerate them to prolong their shelf life. 

What is imperfect product? How often is it stocked?

Imperfects are irregular products that don't meet the high standard we have set for our retails. They could have irregular shapes, color, thickness, but they are all first quality when it comes to the ingredients used.

How is the product raw?

They all are dehydrated at 118 degrees F

Can I cook the product?

Sure you can, we often see them being toasted for chips, melting cheese on pizza, or even for oven toasted wraps.

Can I eat meat with these?

You can eat anything your heart desires with these, that's what they're made for. 

How do I store these?

Refrigeration is completely optional, but they will do just find in dry storage as well. Just make sure that the bag is sealed when not in use.

What’s the shelf life on these?

Our products have a 1 year shelf life!

How can I get a refund?

Please keep in mind that imperfect products are not refundable and they are final sale. For all other products, we ask that you send us an email detailing your issues with the product and why you would like to return it. If the return approved, you are responsible for shipping the product back to us and our return address will be provided when/if the refund is approved.

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